Medication Therapy Mgmt

Do you take several medications? Have multiple health conditions? Use drugs that require close monitoring? Then a comprehensive medication review with a Davidson Drugs pharmacist will help you achieve the best results from your medication therapy.

Our pharmacist will review your prescriptions and medical history with you to:

  • Lower your risk for harmful drug interactions
  • Discuss side effects and medication alternatives
  • Answer questions about prescriptions and over-the-counter medications
  • Find lower-cost alternatives to your medications
  • Improve adherence to your medication therapy which may reduce doctor visits, ER trips, hospital stays and overall healthcare costs

Tools to Manage Your Medications

During your appointment, you’ll also receive personalized handouts to better manage your medications.

1.) You can share your Personalized Medication Record, a comprehensive report tracking the medications you take, with your healthcare team.

2.) You’ll also receive a Medication Action Plan which summarizes any issues with your medication therapy as discussed during your appointment.

Schedule your Comprehensive Medication Review today.


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